Wow!  Have annuals come along way in the past ten years.  The colors are electric, the plants grow just as advertised, and they bloom like crazy all summer.  Annuals are plants that grow and live for only one year or season.  They had their problems in the past but the new designer annuals that we offer at Native Roots Garden Center are tremendous performers in the garden, pots, baskets, anywhere.

Our  annuals are grown at our Bayfield facility, Pine River Plants, in a 9000 square foot greenhouse that is equipped with sides that roll up and roof that opens to create a virtual outdoor environment.  What that means for you, the gardener, is an annual plant fully acclimated to the outdoors that won’t miss a beat when you plant it in your garden.

We strive to have the plants in full flower when they arrive at Native Roots so that your enjoyment of them is instantaneous and will continue through out the summer.  All of our annuals and vegetables are grown pesticide free for our environment and your safety.  Stop in this spring and see that our plants are better than those offered at the big box stores.