Mulch is an essential gardening element in southwestern Colorado.  It can be used to suppress weeds but we recommend bark mulch around all plantings to conserve water and moderate soil temperature.  Bark mulch comes in many types, sizes, colors, and textures giving the gardener flexibility in creating that finished look.  Native Roots carries shredded cedar, pine bark, spruce bark, chipped aspen, and recycled pallets (oak) in both bags and bulk.  We have samples at the garden center so you can choose the product that’s right for your garden.

Soil Amendments

Not all top soils are equal and we have found a local top soil supplier that provides consistent, quality top soil that we stock year round.  Our bulk product is a sandy loam with some clay, but not a lot, and very few weed seeds.  Blend it with our local organic compost for a great gardening and raised bed growing medium. We also carry bagged top soil for your convenience. We also carry a range of potting soils, from Black Gold & Fertilome that are great for potted plants!

Our Fertilome peat moss is an excellent soil amendment because of its capacity to retain water, aerate the soil and it’s completely natural. Sphagnum peat is the answer to both compact and loose soil conditions. All soils can benefit from the addition of peat moss. It is also used in compost bins to enhance decomposition and reduce odor. It adds body to light and sandy soil, aerates heavy and clay soil, protects the soil from drying out and hardening, lowers soil PH, and saves water.

Yum Yum Mix is a very good soil amendment/organic fertilizer from Soil Menders.  It is a blend of alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, kelp meal, colloidal clay, green sand, and trace minerals that provide nutrients and support soil building activity.  Yum Yum Mix contains 2% of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and a broad spectrum of micro nutrients required for all plant growth.  We carry Yum Yum Mix in 5, 12 and 25 pound bags and find it works quite well in vegetable and flower beds.


Soil Menders fertilizers are all organic, primarily vegetative based and are animal product free. These products are formulated for a variety of growing conditions and plant life stages.

Earth Juice fertilizer is a new organic line that we are carrying this year. These products provide good plant nutrition based on true organic chemistry & sources.

Gro Power fertilizers provide quality plant nutrition with relatively high nutrient levels.  Gro Power products are formulated for a variety of growing conditions and plant life stages.

Jack’s soluble fertilizer dissolves easily, will not burn foliage, and can be used to lower high pH found in local water supplies.  We use Jack’s fertilizer at our production greenhouses in Bayfield for growing annuals and perennials and have always had terrific results.  We particularly like the pH control feature of Jack’s.  It lowers our irrigation water from a pH of 8 to a pH of 6, which greatly reduces leaf yellowing.  Many of you may see yellow leaves in your gardens even though you use fertilizers and high pH is probably the problem.

Fertilome fertilizers are high quality products with both organic and non organic formulations.  Fertilome entered the organic market several years ago with the Natural Guard line of fertilizers and pest control products.  We have had great success with the Natural Guard products and recommend them as a cost effective alternatives to other brands.  Fertilome non organic products are made from high quality fertilizer stock, have well balanced fertilizer analysis, and are competitively priced.

High Yield products are produced by Fertilome but carry a more generic label and are priced accordingly.  You get the same great Fertilome quality but at less cost.  We carry many High Yield products and encourage you to use them, especially the simple fertilizers like bone meal, phosphate, and blood meal.