Metal edging can make the difference for that clean garden appearance.  Metal edging helps contain any mulch material within the landscape and keeps grass from invading your garden beds.  Native Roots carries a heavy gauge green metal edging that is held in place and together with heavy metal pins.  Once this edging is put into place, it’s not going to go anywhere.  Let us show you how to install this high grade edging; you’ll be pleased with the results.

Excelsior Erosion Mat

Excelsior erosion mat is an invaluable tool for reseeding an area with any type of slope.  Excelsior erosion mat will help hold soil, will hold seed in place, and will provide protection for seed and seedlings from birds and the hot sun. Excelsior mat is made from shredded aspen trees so it is organic and is biodegradable.  Just roll the matting out over a prepared seed bed and leave it in place.  Once the seed has germinated, the excelsior mat will hold the soil in place for several months then decompose and become mulch.

Germination Tools

At Native Roots Garden Center, we pride ourselves on growing most of what we sell and we are eager to share our plant knowledge with our patrons.  We offer a wide selection of germination products and kits so that you can experience the same sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that we get from growing plants.  From sophisticated growing systems to simple sterile trays, we can get you started off on the right foot.  Let our experienced staff help you with your germination needs and answer any questions you might have about this fascinating aspect of horticulture.

Native Roots carries a complete line of Germination  Supplies to help you with your seeding projects.  Black Gold Seedling Mix, sterile germination trays, peat pots, heating mats, and row covers for your outdoor projects are some of the items we keep stocked year round.  One key to success in seed germination is cleanliness.  Always use a sterile germination mix, sterile trays, and quality water.

Gloves & Tools

Every gardener needs the latest in gloves and tools to help get the job done painlessly and efficiently.  Native Roots carries comfortable, colorful, dextrose, gloves that look great and last job after job.

Our hand tool line covers all the bases in both quality and price. Corona products are the top of the line hand tools that fit your hand, stay very sharp, and will last a life time.  A.M. Leonard products are mid-range quality hand tools that will give years of service at mid-range prices.

We currently carry nitrile touch & mud gloves. The glove market us evolving and we strive to carry the best products to protect your family’s hands.