Summer Veggie Gardening

It’s June and our weather has been fantastic. How is your vegetable garden going?
If it is like ours, it’s pretty happy with all of the sun right now. Pretty much everything can be in the ground at this point, so plant those tomatoes, squash, corn, and beans asap! What else can be done to get your garden in tip top shape to survive and thrive in the rigors of Durango summer heat?

Well, it’s likely that you are already seeing some pests around your garden. Grasshoppers are making their yearly appearance, and they need healthy, strong plants to stand up to them. We carry Semaphore to help with those bad bugs. We have also had an alarming amount of people coming in with spotted blister beetle infestations! These guys are bad news but manageable. Depending on the amount of beetles (and it will likely go up if not managed), you can pick off the individual beetles and drown them in soapy water (wear gloves, please!), or spray a large infestation with pyrethrin spray. We have a concentrate that will help with this and many other infestations during the season. Spinosad is our organic solution to this problem, and it will not only handle beetle infestations but also fire ant and caterpillar issues. Another common problem in Durango gardens is the aphid, who should be making an appearance soon. We have ladybugs that love to feed on the aphids, and you can buy a bag to release in your garden.

Our season is short and challenging, so you will see marked improvements in vegetable output if you fertilize well and often. A well rounded fertilizer will probably work best at this point, as you are likely trying to grow the plant larger and stronger, as well as strengthen roots and bring on flower buds that will turn into happy veggies soon. If your plants are growing fine, you might want to get a bloom-heavy fertilizer like Big Bloom, that will really help bring about the most flower buds possible. More flowers in June/July mean more fruits and veggies in August!
Share with us what has been happening with your garden! If you have some unknown pest, feel free to bring us a closed baggie or jar filled with the buggers and we can find the right treatment for you. Same goes for leaf problems. And share with us your glories and stories, too! We love to hear how your garden is growing.