vinegar soil mender


Soil Mender Enhanced Vinegar includes 10% vinegar, orange oil, molasses, and a natural surfactant.  All organic.  Enhanced Vinegar burns foliage but will not kill the root system.



  • Bonide Burn Out herbicide is clove oil based, also burns foliage, and comes with a wonderful clove scent.  We use it in the greenhouse just for that reason!


  • Fertilome herbicides are premium nationally branded products that have great quality and consistency.  We carry:
  •   Over-The-Top Grass Killer – Kills unwanted grasses in flower and shrub beds without harming most desirable broad leafed plant
  •  Bush and Stump Killer – For the control of unwanted woody plants, vines and broadleaf weeds around homes, cabins, fences, walkways and other NON-CROP areas. Read the directions carefully.
  • Weed Free Zone – consistently fast weed control on tough weeds like clover, plantain, ground ivy spurge and other listed weeds. This product is designed to be used in turf situations for broad leafed weeds.  .
  • High Yield products are produced by Fertilome but carry a more generic label and are priced accordingly.  You get the same great Fertilome quality but at less cost. We carry:
  • KILL-ZALL Weed and Grass Killer – 40% concentrate systemic weed  and grass killer. Kills weeds and grasses completely, roots and foliage.  We like this product because it is less expensive and contains a spreader/sticker for better coverage.  Rain fast in 2 hours.