vinegar soil mender


Soil Mender Enhanced Vinegar includes 10% vinegar, orange oil, molasses, and a natural surfactant.  All organic.  Enhanced Vinegar burns foliage but will not kill the root system.



St Gabriels Burn out herbicide is clove oil based, also burns foliage, and comes with a wonderful clove scent.  We use it in the greenhouse just for that reason!







Fertilome herbicides are premium nationally branded products that have great quality and consistency.  We carry:

  Over-The-Top Grass Killer – Kills unwanted grasses in flower and shrub beds without harming most desirable broad leafed plants

 Bush and Stump Killer – For the control of unwanted woody plants, vines and broadleaf weeds around homes, cabins, fences, walkways and other NON-CROP areas. Read the directions carefully.