Not all top soils are equal and we have found a local top soil supplier that provides consistent, quality top soil that we stock year round.  Our bulk product is a sandy loam with some clay, but not a lot, and very few weed seeds.  Blend it with our local organic, manure free  compost for a great gardening and raised bed growing medium.  We also carry bagged top soil for your convenience.


Black Gold Soil ConditionerBlack Gold
A premium blend of fine soil conditioner and composted manure, perfect for putting life back into tired or heavy soils.
Black Gold is a formulated blend of two soil improving products giving combined soil enhancing properties from a single application.
The soil conditioner is peat free and made entirely from recycled green materials and the manure is rich and mature consisting of farmyard dung and animal bedding.

Humax Turf Soil builder
Hu-Max Turf Soil Builder is a rich blend of nutritional, aged humus mixed with essential supplements to form a complete soil for turf applications. It is the perfect mix for planting new grass from seed or sod, repairing damaged and bare spots, or adding organic matter to tired and stressed lawns. Hu-Max adds essential nutrients and biological material to turf soil to ensure results every time you use it. It also buffers turf against salt concentrations, improves germination, and inhibits leaching.

Fertilome peat moss is an excellent soil amendment because of its capacity to retain water, aerate the soil and it’s completely natural. Sphagnum peat is the answer to both compact and loose soil conditions. All soils can benefit from the addition of peat moss. It is also used in compost bins to enhance decomposition and reduce odor. It adds body to light and sandy soil, aerates heavy and clay soil, protects the soil from drying out and hardening, lowers soil PH, and saves water.


Yum Yum Mix
Yum Yum Mix is a very good soil amendment/organic fertilizer from Soil Menders.  It is a blend of alfalfa meal, cottonseed meal, kelp meal, colloidal clay, green sand, and trace minerals that provide nutrients and support soil building activity.  Yum Yum Mix contains 2% of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and a broad spectrum of micro nutrients required for all plant growth.  We carry Yum Yum Mix in 5, 12 and 25 pound bags and find it works quite well in vegetable and flower beds.

Manure is readily available in our area but one must be sure to use composted manure regardless of the source.  Horse, cow, and sheep manure are considered the “coolest” of the agricultural manures with chicken and turkey considered the “hottest”.  Poultry manure does not contain seed due to the grinding by the gizzard but it is often very high in urea and other plant damaging salts.  The seed problem in horse, cow, and sheep manure as well as the presence of any harmful salts can be overcome by thorough composting.  We offer composted cow manure in 1 cubic foot bags for consistency and convenience.

Native Roots has joined forces with Durango Compost Company to produce an organic, manure free compost product that is perfect for our local soils.  Slightly acidic, plenty of organic material, and a sight nitrogen charge make this a great “clay buster” and garden soil amendment.  Made from local products, our compost will help your garden and help the environment.  We have it available in bags and bulk this spring.