Black Gold Organic potting mix is a uniform material that provides terrific results bag after bag. This product is used for planting houseplants, patio pots, hanging baskets, vegetable starts, and seed germination. 

Native Roots also carries Black Gold Cactus Mix for succulent growers.  Black Gold Cactus mix is quite coarse with bark and sand providing terrific soil aeration and drainage. It’s a great medium for anchoring cacti and works well when top dressed with small lava rock.

Black Gold Seedling Mix gives seeds an organic, uniform bed to germinate in.  This  mix is a peat based product with perlite providing aeration .  We like this particular mix because it does not crust over and prevent seedling emergence like some seedling mixes can.  You will have greater germination success using Black Gold Seedling Mix.

Fertilome potting mix is a sterile, uniform material that gardeners have relied upon for years.  Fertilome can be used for planting house plants, hanging baskets, patio pots, and vegetables.  It can be economically used as an amendment in vegetable and flower beds.  Native Roots carries Fertilome potting soil in several different sized bags.







Walden Potting Soil is a Colorado-based company that sources their product from pine trees in Walden, Colorado. It is s very nice potting soil that is derived from sustainable materials.