MulchMulch is an essential gardening element in southwestern Colorado.  It can be used to suppress weeds but we recommend bark mulch around all plantings to conserve water and moderate soil temperature.  Bark mulch comes in many types, sizes, colors, and textures giving the gardener flexibility in creating that finished look.  Native Roots carries shredded cedar, pine bark, spruce bark, chipped aspen, and recycled pallets (oak) in both bags and bulk.  We have samples at the garden center so you can choose the product that’s right for your garden.

Orchid BarkWhether you are an orchid collector or just enjoy the beauty of a solitary orchid plant, Black Gold Orchid Bark should be included in your horticultural supplies.  Black Gold Orchid Bark is an inert, coarse bark perfect for anchoring orchid roots yet allows for required drainage and aeration.