Soil Menders fertilizers are all organic, primarily vegetative based and are animal product free. These products are formulated for a variety of growing conditions and plant life stages.



Jobes fertilizers are all organic granular fertilizers that do contain animal by products but also have a higher nutrient analysis than the Soil Menders products.  Jobes fertilizers are also formulated for a variety of growing conditions and plant life stages. 





Fox Farm fertilizers are an organic liquid product which makes application easier for some growers.  Fox Farm fertilizers have low nutrient analysis but do contain trace minerals to improve plant growth.





Gro Power fertilizers fill our non organic fertilizer niche and provide quality plant nutrition with relatively high nutrient levels.  Gro Power products are formulated for a variety of growing conditions and plant life stages.


Jack's Fertilizer

Jack’s soluble fertilizer dissolves easily, will not burn foliage, and can be used to lower high pH found in local water supplies.  We use Jack’s fertilizer at our production greenhouses in Bayfield for growing annuals and perennials and have always had terrific results.  We particularly like the pH control feature of Jack’s.  It lowers our irrigation water from a pH of 8 to a pH of 6, which greatly reduces leaf yellowing.  Many of you may see yellow leaves in your gardens even though you use fertilizers and high pH is probably the problem.

Hi Yield Fertilizer

High Yield products are produced by Fertilome but carry a more generic label and are priced accordingly.  You get the same great Fertilome quality but at less cost.  We carry many High Yield products and encourage you to use them, especially the simple fertilizers like bone meal, phosphate, and blood meal.